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McLean, VA (February 28, 2019)

Network Designs, Inc. (NDi) Named Premier Reseller of Unisys Stealth® Security Software

New agreement expands NDi’s ability to deliver resilient network solutions

Network Designs, Inc. (NDi) announced today its partnership with Unisys Corporation (NTSE: UIS) to offer the award-winning Unisys Stealth® suite of cybersecurity software.

The Unisys Stealth software suite protects any TCP/IP-based asset from external or internal cyber threats via identity-driven, software-defined cryptographic zones, based on the Zero Trust security model.

“NDi believes in the power of Unisys Stealth, that’s why we’ve integrated it into the Axiom Intelligence PlatformTM (AxiomIP), our turnkey Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) solution that delivers full-spectrum intelligence and insights in real time to support global, multifaceted missions. Stealth protects the cloud-based solution as well as the individual analyst utilizing the platform,” said NDi Senior Vice President Carmen Marco.

By partnering with Unisys and deploying Stealth in its cloud-based platform, NDi can provide multiple benefits to clients, including protecting their endpoints when analysts participate in open-source intelligence activities. In addition, by leveraging the isolation and segmentation features of Unisys Stealth, analysts achieve a considerable degree of anonymity, which is vital when researching links in certain countries.

“Stealth offers an elegant solution for creating resilient networks – an ability to operate within a contested network,” said NDi President and CEO Anthony E. Zeruto. “Think of traditional, perimeter-based cybersecurity as a bank vault, and cryptographic zones as the safe deposit boxes within the vault. Even if an attacker gets inside the vault, it cannot open the safe deposit boxes. By separating large networks into protected segments, you dramatically lower the risk of damage from an external or insider attack.”

Stealth quickly and easily creates Communities of Interest (COI) among users, data, applications, systems, and/or environments and establishes exclusive, encrypted communication channels between members based on trusted identities. Community members’ communications are cryptographically separated from other network traffic, and members can neither initiate nor accept communication from non-members. Stealth cryptography hides the community from external attackers as well as insider threats.

Unlike other security solutions, Stealth is software-based and agnostic to characteristics of the assets to be protected (device, network, platform, etc.). Customers can quickly configure and deploy Stealth while leveraging existing IT investments with the flexibility to meet future requirements.

As a premier reseller of Unisys Stealth software, and a user of the software itself, NDi is positioned to provide its customers with the expertise to fully optimize the Stealth software suite, and deliver a wide-range of resilient network solutions. “The Unisys Stealth and NDi reseller agreement offers a multiplying effect for clients; the synergies between our organizations enable us to fully integrate Stealth into their security postures so they can quickly realize the benefits from a Zero Trust model,” said Unisys Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Security Chris Kloes.

NDi’s team of cybersecurity experts, led by Mr. Zeruto and Senior Vice President of Cyberspace Operations Bill Turmel, brings decades of relevant experience. Prior to joining NDi, Mr. Zeruto served as Unisys’s Stealth Director of Industry. He was previously a Senior Intelligence Officer within the U.S. Army serving as Director of Operations for U.S. Army Cyber Command, and Commander of NSA-Georgia. Prior to joining NDi, Mr. Turmel served as Unisys’s Stealth Senior Program Manager, and he was previously Director of Current Operations for U.S. Army Cyber Command, and a Senior Military Staff Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense-DoD CIO.

For more information on NDi and Unisys’s Stealth software, contact Carmen Marco, NDi’s Senior Vice President of Digital Experience Services, at [email protected], or Scott Morton, NDI’s Senior Vice President of Web Markets, at [email protected].