DevSecOps Implementation

NDi’s DevSecOps implementation fosters more reliable building, testing, and software releases within IT enterprises.

NDi’s DevSecOps implementation is developer-driven and designed for rapidly changing IT enterprises. It focuses on technology foundation, team alignment, communication, change management as well as training. The implementation enables efficiencies in time and cost savings, as well as resources. Developer and stakeholder collaboration and knowledge sharing are enhanced. Continuous process improvement in security testing, prior to implementation of critical systems are conducted, which is necessary to operationalize data and information resources. NDi’s DevSecOps implementation empowers IT enterprises and embraces Agile software development.

To implement an effective DevSecOps solution, NDi will help you:

  • Establish a Technology Foundation: build a foundation of components, tools, and repeatable processes for future DevSecOps projects
  • Foster Team Alignment: foster alignment of people, processes, and best practices
  • Promote Communication: enable top down, bottom-up continuous communication, and engagement
  • Enable Change Management: strategically plan for current and future changes
  • Conduct Training: create a culture of learning for DevSecOps concepts

DevSecOps is a software development approach that integrates security into the software development process from the beginning. Benefits include:

  • Improved security: By integrating security into the software development process, vulnerabilities can be identified and addressed earlier in the development cycle, which can help to reduce the risk of security breaches and improve the overall security of the organization’s systems and applications.
  • Faster deployment: By automating security testing and other processes, DevSecOps can help to speed up the software development cycle, allowing organizations to get their products and services to market more quickly.
  • Increased efficiency: By integrating security into the development process, DevSecOps can help to eliminate the need for separate security testing and review cycles, which can save time and resources.
  • Improved collaboration: DevSecOps encourages collaboration between developers, security professionals, and other stakeholders, which can help to create a more cohesive and integrated approach to software development and security.
  • Better customer satisfaction: By delivering more secure products and services, organizations can improve customer satisfaction and build trust with their customers.