IT Investment Support & EVM

NDi’s IT Investment Support & Earned Value Management (EVM) capability incorporates risk, value, and constraints in a way that provides your agency’s leadership with the visibility and confidence to make difficult decisions. This support will shape the future of the infrastructure that supports your organization and will be a critical component in your organization’s investment portfolio. Using Earned Value Management principles and techniques to track and measure program performance, NDi will help your agency to successfully manage project budgets and timelines within the allotted cost/schedule variance thresholds of your agency’s established guidelines and procedures. This support will allow your program team to identify and mitigate risks early on to assure successful performance in maintaining cost and schedule variances within agency specified thresholds. Our EVM capability will enable you to leverage historical, current, and future planning data elements to develop a successful business case resulting in receiving IT investment approvals for funding requests.


  • Track and measure program performance to identify and mitigate risks early and effectively manage project budgets and timelines within allotted cost/schedule variance thresholds.
  • Consistently meet IT Investment program performance goals of managing cost and schedule variances within a target percentage of the baseline to ensure that the program is operating efficiently, and benefits are continually realized. 
  • Measure program variance information to provide the basis in assessing IT program implementation effectiveness against cost and schedule baselines.