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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): Data & Physical Security

NDi provides program management and technical support services to the FAA Office of Aviation Safety, Information Technology Branch (AVS-11) Information Systems Security (ISS) program.

Since the 1998 release of Presidential Decision Directive 63 (PDD-63)—establishing stringent requirements to protect U.S. critical infrastructure against cyber threats—we have participated in creating new, unique, and FAA-centric information security practices and methodologies at the agency.

We developed a risk assessment methodology called the Quick Look Risk Assessment (QLRA), which shortened the time and lowered the cost of completing a full certification and accreditation effort. The FAA Office of Information Security (AIS) later adapted our risk assessment document templates into the FAA’s formal risk assessment process.

With the emergence of new Homeland Security Directives, we have evolved our ISS practice to include regulatory compliance and FISMA metrics and reporting.

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