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Case Studies

Department of State: Counter-Terrorism Software

NDi was awarded a $4 million task order by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Antiterrorism Assistance to design and develop a cross-agency Government Information-Sharing Infrastructure (GISI).

The GISI comprises includes a software application that integrates the latest technologies with the latest intelligence assessments used by U.S. law enforcement agencies to methodically pursue a case and a networked database system, which can employ either dial-up or satellite network communication.

Solution Benefits

Reusability—Software can be refactored and reused by the Department of State in other situations calling for a government-wide system of information gathering and sharing.

Case Management—Software supports all stages in the pursuance of a case. Information Sharing Platform—Solution enables the user community to collaborate and share information in a secure environment. Process-Driven—Best Practices are used to govern the flow of information.

End-to-End System—Solution can include computers, networking hardware, and software.

Sophisticated Data Analysis—Software framework and tools are used to find patterns within large amounts of seemingly unrelated data. Language Independent—Software inherently supports multiple languages.

Solution Components

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)—Industry standard providing core security, encryption, and signatures.

Application Server—Apache, Sun Tomcat Web software. Database Server—Postgre SQL, Red Hat Linux Open Source Platform.

Software Development Tools—Open source. Source code version control using CVS; G-Forge Build Management.

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