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Case Studies

Federal Supply Service: Desktop-Managed Upgrades

NDi provided network design, network analysis, engineering, installation, operations, and maintenance support for the FSS both nationally and internationally. We conducted desktop management support and operated and maintained the FSS LAN/LABN infrastructure to support the approximately 4000 FSS employees connected to the FSS LAN/LABN. This support—which included premise wiring and cabling, FSS computer room upgrades, and enterprise network/systems management design—was provided to FSS employees located in GSA regional cities, 4 FSS distribution centers, 130 FSS fleet management centers, 11 FSS Customer Supply Centers, 10 FSS remote field offices, 6 sites in Germany, 3 sites in Japan, and in Crystal City, VA.

We monitored over 130 sites and managed the wide area network running with Cisco, Cabletron, and Lucent Switches, routers, hubs, and other telecommunication devices at a centrally located network operation center. The managed network consisted of more than 2000 PCs, some 200 routers, Windows, Novell Netware servers. The full range of supported tasks included managing and monitoring the FSS enterprise network; providing help desk, phone, and onsite troubleshooting for network and system problems; upgrading systems nationally and internationally (operating systems, client software, hardware); providing infrastructure analysis and planning for improvements to the network; providing ISP analysis and services for international sites; providing automated call center support, routing and design; and providing cabling design and infrastructure upgrades throughout the enterprise.

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