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Case Studies

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): Database Development & Administration


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Rulemaking (ARM) needed a system to manage rulemaking documents, track projects and schedules, and enable all FAA rulemaking personnel to perform their duties using automated systems. To help them develop this system, they turned to NDi Application Development.


NDi Application Development developed an Integrated Rulemaking Management Information System (IRMIS) that combines three document management elements -- Document Management, Rulemaking Tracking, and Project Management -- into a single, secure system that is accessible through the FAA Intranet.

IRMIS enables FAA rulemaking personnel track regulatory documents and systematically evaluate rulemaking efficiency while reducing intra-agency site travel costs. Ndi has integrated these three systems into one IRMIS rulemaking system, accessible to all FAA Intranet users through their Web browser. FAA rulemaking personnel use RTS to schedule and track projects as well as to access the document management system and track items by docket number, federal regulation number, or other data. 


Increased efficiency: All rulemaking documents reside in a single system that is accessible through the Intranet by remote and local users.

Reduced costs: ARM’s hardware/software configurations have been simplified, their networks have been standardized, they communicate faster, and system/user support has decreased significantly.

Enhanced accessibility: Users can access the system and documents through their web browser.


FAA designated IRMIS one of 22 mission critical business applications at the Agency. The FAA Chief Information Officer and the Department of Transportation Inspector General praised the IRMIS application as a "best practice" business practice approach to Internet/Intranet–enabling technology that should be implemented and/or duplicated throughout the FAA.

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